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A byproduct of the tomato industry in rations for growing and finishing rabbits

Kavamoto, E.T.; Romeiro, M.M.; Spers, A.; Barbosa, H.P.
Boletim de Industria Animal 27/28: 463-473

For 71 days, during growing and finishing, 8 each of White Flemish Giant and Chinchilla rabbits, male or female, had to appetite one of 4 feeds of maize, soya bean meal, meat meal, minerals and salt with 0, 21, 42 or 63% tomato meal. The first 2 feeds also had wheat meal and the first 3 had lucerne hay. The tomato byproduct had crude protein 21.56, lipid 2.11, fibre 25.98, minerals 8.89, carbohydrate 24.15, Ca 0.66 and P 0.42. All feeds were palatable. Average total weight gains in the groups, order as above, were 1.25, 1.30, 1.18 and 0.95 kg. Feed conversion was best with no tomato or 21% and poorest with 63%. The fourth feed was the cheapest, but feeding costs and carcass yield and price showed that the economic return was greatest with 21 and poorest with 63% tomato.